Bridge Software

BridgeThink is a contract bridge tutorial and training program. The deals can be played  freely against the computer, and then following a required and annotated sequence.

  • You will find some 300 deals featuring dummy and defence play, plus 5o quizzes – card combinations, 2nd hand or 3rd hand play.

BridgeThink is free.  You can download the program, install and play.  I can only hope that you will enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed developing it.

Let me have your comments, deal suggestions. Just send me a mail when you have a chance.


S.T., Ireland. 2013-05-28
I discovered your great Bridge Program last night and have really enjoyed the first 25 hands. I have been playing the game for over 40 years now and in my opinion this is an outstanding contribution to the sport. Bravo!!
This program is exactly what I need to improve my game. Merci mille fois.

D.C., Australia. 2013-03-14
Dear Andre, Congratulations! A wonderful contribution to Bridge.

E.W.,  Switzerland. 2010-03-01
Dear Andre, your programme is MADE FOR SOMEONE LIKE ME!
The only problem is that I play with it instead of doing my work.

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